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Academic Journal of Business, Administration, Law and Social Sciences E-ISSN 2410-8693 / ISSN 2410-3918

Vol. 1  No. 2  – July 2015

#About the JournalEndri PapajorgjiDownload
1Forms of cooperation and subjects responsible for committing offences in commercial companiesSkerdian Kurti, Erton KaleshiDownload
2Rules and economic features connected with adoption and medical assisted reproductionHemion BrahoDownload
3The Unification of Private International LawEmira Kazazi, Ervis ÇelaDownload
4International Organizations as Producers of Development GoodsFabio DaneriDownload
5Estimating the association between economic performance and Okun misery index in Albania: January 2005- December 2014Fejzi Kolaneci, Brunilda Hoxhalli, Monika MenallaDownload
6The historical development of corporate- and property law in Macedonia until Communism as part of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and SlovenesEndri PapajorgjiDownload
7On terrorism and legal response in AlbaniaEngjëll LikmetaDownload
8The influence that Albanian parents extrinsic versus intrinsic goal promotion has on the increase of adolescents’ prejudice Mimoza Çarka, Joana TaçiDownload
9Investing in Cognac Producing Vineyards to Hedge Wealth While Receiving High ReturnsHakob HakobyanDownload
10Functionality of the Kosovo Competition Authority on the basis of European Union standards a guarantee for loyal economy in Kosovo Armand KrasniqiDownload
11Teacher’s role model in gender education of studentsElvira DodeDownload
12Does Capitalism and the Culture Industry Create False Needs? A study of Marcuse, Adorno, and HorkheimerErbi AgoDownload
13The right to life and criminal-law protection of the human person in the Western BalkansEtlon PeppoDownload
14The rights of Victims under International Criminal JusticeErinda Duraj (Male)Download
15The European Parliament and the European future of AlbaniaSkerdilajd BajramajDownload
16Correct gender socializing in school avoids the fabrication of divisions among girls and boysMarta TopçiuDownload
17Planning of questions for various level of reading of textbooks for early grade studentsEdita HaxhijahaDownload
18Citizen, sustainable development and education model in AlbaniaMajlinda KetaDownload
19The Importance of the geographical position of Kosovo in increasing the Trade, Transit and International Transport in the BalkansRamadan MazrekajDownload
20The effect of education and economic growth in the labour market in transition economies - Case study for SEE countriesMajlinda Mazalliu, Jeton ZogjaniDownload
21Complexity of fiscal policy in Kosovo and their treatmentGani AsllaniDownload
22The effect of tax reporting in financial reportingShqipe Xhaferri, Albana Demi (Mosho)Download
23The effect of female labour force in economic growth and sustainability in transition economies - case study for SEE countriesMajlinda Mazalliu, Jeton ZogjaniDownload
24Extradition institution and international standards for its implementation in the Republic of AlbaniaEnkelejda Metaliaj (Softa)Download
25Albania – as the Bridge of Routes and Transport Corridors between the Adriatic Sea and Black SeaRamadan MazrekajDownload
26The restitution of property in Albania, a continuing problem after 25 years of democracy Mimoza MehilliDownload
27Occupational safety and health of employees in the catering industry in the Republic of MacedoniaAgim ShaqiriDownload
28The perception of crime from Albanian families that come from rural areas (Case study in the city of Durres)Marjeta MilloshiDownload
29The relationships between anthropometric and motor measurements with 13 years old childrenNehat RrudhaniDownload
30Changes of population by age and gender structure of Regions in the Republic of MacedoniaResul Hamiti, Nuran Saliu, Hisen Xhemaili Download
31The Migration’s Consequences in Albania after 1990Diana MoneDownload
32Constitutional overhaul of the Assembly of the Republic of MacedoniaFatmire LumaniDownload
33The impact of the economic situation of the couples before and after divorceAlketa MollaDownload
34The Landscape changes of the city of Shkodra as a consequence of Internal MigrationBresena Kopliku, Nevila Dibra, Ervis KrymbiDownload
35Expertise as evidence in criminal proceedings from the Communist period until nowadaysSaimir FekolliDownload
36Pension scheme in AustriaGreta Alikaj, Endri PapajorgjiDownload
37Legal determination of money laundering in a comprehensive approachNaim MëçallaDownload
38The rule of lawBesnik Murati, Elmi MorinaDownload
39Sampling survey methodology issues of SBS- surveyLiljana Boçi, Elona BerberiDownload
40Brecht’s epic theatreEmini Z. EminDownload
41The Relationship between EU Legal Order and Albanian Legal OrderMerisë RukajDownload
42Knowledge society in the context of the economic development with a focus in KosovoFatmir GashiDownload
43Shkodra statutes and Canon, as regulatory selfgoverning instruments of Shkodra and North mountain tribes in Middle AgeVera ShtjefniDownload
44The aesthetics, historic, autobiographical and publishing style of Petro Marko in the novel “One night and two daysprings” and “Interview with himself ”Fatjona MemiDownload


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.