The Institution is looking for funds to support research in various areas of law, business, administration and social sciences. You can support research as one of the essential activities of IIPCCL – Austria. The project level may be from master thesis to long-term deep research. However, IIPCCL pays special attention on law-, business-, administration- and social sciences research.

Our Partners include:

  • FH Bielefeld – University of Applied Sciences (Germany)
  • Keiser University (USA)
  • School of American Law (Greece – Cyprus)
  • University of Białystok  (Poland)
  • Institute of History and Political Science of the University of Białystok (Poland)
  • Institut za naučna istraživanja (Montenegro)
  • Tirana Business University College (Albania)
  • University College Pjeter Budi of Pristina, (Kosovo)
  • Wisdom University College (Albania)

The areas that IIPCCL has interest in include the following:

  • Legal research
  • Reform of educational system
  • Administrative reform
  • Corporate law
  • Private law
  • Competition law
  • International law
  • International business cooperation
  • International business law
  • European private law
  • Human rights and social equity
  • Race discrimination
  • Research in international organization
  • Economic globalization
  • Economics, business and management
  • Environment and sustainable development
  • History and history of religions
  • Anthropology
  • Policy-making and agenda-setting
  • The role of institutions
  • Multilevel governance
  • Democracy and civil society
  • Social structures and integration
  • Public policy analysis
  • Sustainability and ecological modernization
  • Science, research, tecnology and society
  • Scenarios and strategic planning


For more details, please contact the center at: