Ajbals July 2021

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Academic Journal of Business, Administration, Law and Social Sciences E-ISSN 2410-8693 / ISSN 2410-3918

Vol. 7 No. 2 - July 2021
#About the JournalLena Hoffman
Endri Papajorgji

1The transmission mechanism of fiscal policy in North Macedonia: a Bayesian VAR approachArbresh RaveniDownload
2Development on the asset Declaration system and audit of the High Ranking Officials - Means of investigation and future challengesEvgjeni BashariDownload
3Testing for Cytomegalovirus infection of women in reproductive age through detection of Anti-CMV antibodies CMV IgG and IgMAneta Çomo
Anila Mitre
Melpomeni Zisoy
4The philosophy of entering the world of Vietnam Buddhism in contemporary societyTran Thi Thuy Ngoc
Nguyen The Vinh
5FDI in Albania: Rule of Law as a social Requisite for the development of a fair and not predatory market economyAvenir PekaDownload
6Do electoral laws affect women’s representation in parliament? The case of AlbaniaNadia Rusi
Ilda Melo (Kovaci)
7Albanian Theater works, as a value of the common Cultural heritageHerida DuroDownload
8Sharing Experiences - Stories of culture and identity of Albanian migrants in GreeceEntela KaleshiDownload
9Comparison of the use of different disinfection agents as antimicrobial preparationsNora Rrahimi HasaniDownload
10Theoretical and practical aspects on the conditions for imposing precautionary measures according to the Code of Criminal Procedure of the Republic of AlbaniaKlodjan SkenderajDownload
11A retrospective look at the Balkan wars of 1912-1913Edit Bregu
Naim Mëçalla
12Harmonization, the processing and folk music citation in Albanian music worksArmira KapxhiuDownload
13Long-term Auditor-client relationship and its effects on the audit qualityBurim BerishaDownload
14Money Laundering in AlbaniaLealba PelinkuDownload
15Stylistics as a function of the connections of language with literatureNatasha PoroçaniDownload
16Novelties of the new legal framework on the indirect management of cultural heritage in AlbaniaRisena XhajaDownload
17Reforms on Collective Copyright Management System in AlbaniaIlda Melo (Kovaci)
Nadia Rusi
18Long transition in Albania as a consequence of a communist heritage systemFlorenca Stafa
Dhurata Lamçja
19Corruption in the field of Urbanism and turnover of Real Estate in KosovoAgron BekaDownload
20Management of preventive measures and injuries in the workplaceSherif Sejdiu
Fadil Osmani
Bahri Rexha
21Red and Black alliance as a new movement, its establishment process and its topic representation as a nationalist movementElinda GuriDownload
22Covid-19 Crisis and impact on EC economy and tourism of Kosovo, February - May 2020Sherif Sejdiu
Fadil Osmani
Bahri Rexha
23Knee sanguine effusions in Sports Trauma (Haemarthrosis)Dorian Meta
Artan Pogoni
24Discretion of the administrative body, and the Right of access to the CourtAlban DokushiDownload
25Establishing a new and unified Point of balance Towards narrowing the extended rights of the states on forensic DNA databasesErmal Yzeiraj
Artemida Hoxhaj
26Rules of General Jurisdiction in the USAEndri Papajorgji
Jonida Gjuzi Bushi
27The intertextual relationship of J. Xoxa’s novels with the Albanian literature traditionYllka Proda (Kënaçi)Download
28Combating Corruption in KosovoAgron BekaDownload
29Artificial Intelligence and Human RightsErmal YzeirajDownload

88x31 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.