Ajbals 2016

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Academic Journal of Business, Administration, Law and Social Sciences E-ISSN 2410-8693 / ISSN 2410-3918

Vol. 2, No

. 1 – March 2016

#About the JournalEndri PapajorgjiDownload
1Judicial review of administrative normative act. Limits of courts control on political decision makingErlir PutoDownload
2Group decision-making: Factors that affect group effectivenessJuliana OsmaniDownload
4Do GCI indicators predict SME creation? A Western Balkans cross-country comparative analysisFëllënza Lushaku,
Alban Elshani,
Lekë Pula

3Comparative analysis of the EU criminal law for environmental protection and the Albanian oneIris PetrelaDownload
5The function and content of the enterprise during communism in AlbaniaEndri Papajorgji
Greta Alikaj
6Judicial civil procedure dragging out in KosovoRrustem Qehaja
Elza Bajrami
7The behavior modification through the play of children aged 3-7 years oldFlora Lamcja (Zeqaj)Download
8Linguistic aspects of writing for professional purposesGreta PërgjegjiDownload
9General comparative overview of constitutional acts of the Republic of Kosovo over the yearsKadri KryeziuDownload
10Euthanasia in AlbaniaBeslinda RrugiaDownload
11Author’s contract in the Albanian copyright lawOltion SpiroDownload
12The role and importance of leadership in business development in KosovoHamdi Hoti
Edisona Kurhasku
13Organizational structure, functions and role of the security system in the process of dealing with security risks and threats in the Republic of MacedoniaIce Ilijevski
Zlate Dimovski
Kire Babanoski
14The functioning of the judiciary in the Republic of MacedoniaMersim MaksutiDownload
15Evaluation in order to encourage students into learningAlma BreshaniDownload
16E-Banking and its features - Albania as a special caseErmela BashuriDownload
17Data on construction and architechture of cult objects in Drino’s valleyMelsi LabiDownload
18Analysis of the main sources of investments financing in real estateYlldeze SokoliDownload
19Gender differences in the experience of Postraumatic StressNevzat ShemsediniDownload
20Impact of interactive teaching on the efficient realization of objectives for children in early school ageArbona XhemajliDownload
21International Humanitarian intervention in KosovoValmir HylenajDownload
22Administrative and territorial reform in Albania and the issue of decentrali-zation
(Comparative overview of relevant international legislation)
Senada Reçi
Irisa Ymeri
23Social housing and situation of Roma minority in Albania
Lindita Xhillari
Juliana Cici
24Relationship between ideology and political parties in Kosovo
Burim MexhuaniDownload
25Social support and grand parenting in autistic children families
Elona ManoDownload
26The effect of demographic variables on the user’s behavior in the Mobile Telecommunication Market of Albania
Nikollaq Terezi
Elton Karapici
Eda Terezi
27Dispute resolutions from the field of economy via contracting competence through Arbitration in the republic of Kosovo
Krenare Vokshi
Alba Dumi
28The harmonization of banking legislation in the EU
Shkëlqesa ÇitakuDownload
29Organizing a marketing function in SME in Kosovo
Fatos UkajDownload
30Figures of criminal offences that are committed through mass media
Mirvete UkaDownload
31Elements of the terrorism reviewed through instrumentum operandi, organi-zational setup and phases of realization of the terrorist act
Zlate Dimovski
Ice Ilijevski
Kire Babanoski
Vase Rusumanov
32Challenges and actual problems in reforming the public administration in the Republic of Macedonia
Argëtim SaliuDownload
33Factors that determine the fees for audit NGOs financial statements in Kosovo
Bahtijar Berisha
Luan Vardari
Bekim Berisha
34Albanian economy, sustainable development and comparative analysis of SME growth rates
Hava Mucollari
Evis Celo
Alba Dumi
35Amendments to the Law on Value Added Tax in Kosovo
Simeana Beshi
Safet Krasniqi
36The impact of SMEs in the economic development of Kosovo
Sami A. Morina
Edisona G. Kurhasku
Ilir Krasniqi
37Civil Rights of Foreigners in Private Legal Relations
Dukagjin LekaDownload
38Possession as an institute of civil law in Kosovo
Kaltrinë HalitiDownload
39Credit Risk Management - Loan Approval Process
Lulzim Rashiti
Branimir Kalas
Lazar Drec
Nino Stameski
40The dynamics of the spread and extent of criminality in Kosovo 2011 - 2014
Hazir LushajDownload
41Tourism, the Future of Economy in Albania
Arjana Kadiu
Ikbale Tepelena
42The specifics of reading to students with hearing and speech impairment in classes VI-VIII
Mustaf MorinaDownload
43Judicial police, functions and its development in Albania
Asllan Dogjani
Arben V. Prifti
44Stress analysis in the Gjilan Municipality (Kosovo)
Nehat RrudhaniDownload


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.