Ejels vol.1 no.1

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European Journal of Economics, Law and Social Sciences (Austria) ISSN 2519-1284

Vol. 1, No. 1 - January 2017
#About the JournalLena HoffmanDownload
1Market competitive situation: Cellular automata simulationsSuela Bylykbashi
Khalil Assala
Gilles Roehrich
2The Political Participation of National Minorities in the Enlargement Process: the Case of Albania and FYR of MacedoniaOdeta BerberiDownload
3Analyses of financing needs of SMEs by size and age in AlbaniaEugen MustaDownload
4Chinese Presence in the Balkans - Old Allies, New TiesMarsela MusabelliuDownload
5Mobile Technology bridges the Digital Divide: Case of KosovoFakije Zejnullahu
Indrit Baholli
6Material evidence according to the code of criminal procedure of KosovoFitim ShishaniDownload
7Cultural heritage and cultural diversitiesAida Serjanaj MerhoriDownload
8European Administrative frame and its developments Besim HalimiDownload
9Efficiency and effectiveness of the operation, development and competitiveness of MEP “Oslomej”Imer ZenkuDownload
10The suggestion of a decision making modelAgerti Galo
Remzi Keco
11The development of education in medieval AlbaniaNikollë LokaDownload
12The relationship between the teaching of history and critical thinkingDesara KarajDownload
13The Role of Instrumental Music Education in the Primary SchoolIlir RamadaniDownload
14Extraordinary legal means against final criminal decisions in AlbaniaArben V. PriftiDownload
15Human resource management in health tourism-Thermal Spa Center of PejaArdian RamadaniDownload
16Domestic violence, a widespread phenomenon in Albania - Strengthening measures and severity of impunity for this criminal offenseAsllan DogjaniDownload
17International legal assistance in criminal mattersNada SimjanoskaDownload
18Credit –to- GDP gap as an early warning indicator of banking stress in AlbaniaOdeta KoçillariDownload
19Cyber security in KosovoNaim BaftiuDownload
20Types of security measures in AlbaniaAsllan DogjaniDownload
21School Bullying: Teachers’ perceptionsDorina BatalliDownload
22General overview of applications made to ECHR against AlbaniaRavesa NanoDownload
23Psycho-social causes and consequences of children in learning, and their engagement at workBehxhet GaxhiqiDownload
24Urban physiognomy and political and economic developments in the city of Durrës (1200- 1501)Muhamet QerimiDownload
25A criminological overview on Albanian criminal law and aspects of corruption during World War IIMarbona CukaDownload
26Effects of Video Games on Aggressive Behaviors of AdolescentsNehat RrudhaniDownload
27Hungarian participation in the First Battle of Kosovo 1389Muhamet MalaDownload
28The European Banking Union and Western Balkan Countries – KosovoShkëlqesa ÇitakuDownload
29The importance of human resources in the management of SME’sGazmend OsajDownload
30Insights on the national and religious war character of Gjergj Kastrioti-SkanderbegMuhamet MalaDownload
31Public procurement in the EUErvin SalianjiDownload
32Discrimination and Domestic ViolenceValbona Shehu- Krasniqi
Hava Bujupaj-Ismajli
33Energy efficiency, renewable resources (their application) and energy strate-gies in Kosovo Valdet GashiDownload
34The Albanian-American Relations under the American Optics during 1945 Marsel NilajDownload
35Old Çarshia (Bazaar) in Gjakova Bekim VishajDownload
36Reconstruction of the legal protection of civil rights for the child of adultery based on values of justice in IndonesiaSuryati, S.H.,M.HDownload
37Causes of damage in the sector of transport in AlbaniaEdvin BicaDownload
38 Border control in compliance with EU acquisMiranda BoshnjakuDownload
39 Trepca mine in Stan – Tërg between the two World WarsMustafë Haziri
Bujar Dugolli
40 The feeling of security to the residents of Kosovo with special emphasis in Ferizaj and GjakovaMensut AdemiDownload
41 Key aspects of businesses in KosovoArdian Berisha
Qemajl Sejdija
42 The plot against King Zog I of Albania in Vienna Blerina XhelajDownload
43 Strategic management changes: Evidence from Commercial Banks of KosovoQemajl Sejdija
Ardian Berisha
44 Basics of traffic tourism in the Republic of MacedoniaZija Zimeri
Metush Sulejmani
Blerta Zimeri


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