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Academic Journal of Business, Administration, Law and Social Sciences E-ISSN 2410-8693 / ISSN 2410-3918

Vol. 1  No. 3  – November 2015

#About the JournalEndri PapajorgjiDownload
1Payout phase in DC pension funds – policy option - Theoretical considerations and Albanian available optionsEnkeleda ShehiDownload
2A new approach to fight poverty and vulnerability: The redistributive enterpriseFabio DaneriDownload
3The Cost-Saving Effect of a Centralized Unit for Anticancer Drugs Processing at the Oncology Department of TiranaArtan Shkoza Mirlinda Likmeta Ledjan MalajDownload
4Legal Aspects of Corporate Governance in Albania: A critical approachMirela FanaDownload
5Privatization in Albania in numbersEndri Papajorgji Greta AlikajDownload
6The defense of intellectual property in the Republic of AlbaniaArbër Bashkolli Engjëll LikmetaDownload
7Arrest in flagrante delicto
as a measure restricting the Right to Freedom
Majlinda AndreaDownload
8Labor rights as legal constitutional category – Kosovo in relation to interna-tional labor organizationMuhamet VokrriDownload
9Restructure of European Takeover RegulationErisa KaçupiDownload
10Parental Involvement in Education, Challenges and Recommendations for the FutureMexhit Hajdari Flutura MujaDownload
11Environmental knowledge management at societal level: A new proposalFabio DaneriDownload
12Burden of Chemotherapy-Induced Neuropathy in School ged childrenArtan Shkoza Mirlinda Likmeta Ledjan MalajDownload
13Modern Tendencies and Characteristics of Legal Writing in English for Specific PurposesGreta PërgjegjiDownload
14Visual teaching and learning in the fields of engineeringKyvete S. ShatriDownload
15Illegal Serbian Structures in the Republic of Kosovo Why these structures are illegal and not paralel?Behar SelimiDownload
16Policies of natural Resources Management and Environmental Economic Advantages - Attractions in KosovoAfrim Selimaj
Adem Dreshaj
Bedri Millaku
17Albanian process to EU integration and the free market legal reformErvin Karamuço Irvin FanikoDownload
18Natural resources as a factor of economic growth in KosovoHaki ShatriDownload
19The criminalist processing of murdersHazir LushajDownload
20SME-s and their economic impact Albanian CaseDenada TopuziDownload
21Implementation of marketing research in Kosovo businessesSkënder Buja
Isak Berbatovci
22Communicative language testing in ESP contextAlma Cenkaj VladiDownload
23Review of confiscation decisions under the Anti-mafia Law-preventive procedureLirime ÇukajDownload
24The influence of integrative play therapy on childrenFlora Lamçja (Zeqaj)Download
25The criminal offence of torture in the context of criminal-law protection of human person in the Western BalkansEtlon PeppoDownload
26Legal significance of the private security sector in KosovaFidair BerishaDownload
27Analysis of the statistical data of illegal trade with narcotic substances in Macedonia in the Period 2005-2012Qebir Avziu
Afrim Osmani
28Economic growth and its determinants in countries in transitionKestrim Avdimetaj Mensur MorinaDownload
29Case of administrative disputeXhemazie IbraimiDownload
30Role of Ombudsman Institution over the administrationMirlinda BatalliDownload
31The Fall of Alger’s Success Myth in Arthur Miller’s PlayMarsela TurkuDownload
32Free movement of capital in the context of the implementation of monetary policy in EMU and the European UnionMajlindaTafaj Ilirjana KucanaDownload
33Psychological factors that accelerate the EU integration in AlbaniaSkënder DemaliajDownload
34Customs control of goodsMentor Gashi Ramadan GashiDownload
35The role of SME in the market development in KosovoNerimane BajraktariDownload
36The historical significance of the Trepça mine in the Region of Stan-Terg during the twentieth centuryMustafë HaziriDownload


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