Ejels Vol.5, No. 1

European Journal of Economics, Law and Social Sciences (Austria) ISSN 2519-1284

Vol. 5, No. 1 - January 2021
#About the JournalLena HoffmanDownload
1Qualitative Methods of Demand Forecasting for SMEs in GermanyVolker DoberanzkeDownload
2How To Measure Competitive Intensity?Suela Bylykbashi 
Gilles Roehrich
Khalil Assala
3Study on different sampling methods for Structural Business Survey at the municipal levelLiljana BoçiDownload
4Mathematical meteorological assessment on measurement of tidal Currents in Port management – An evidence from AlbaniaXhevdet SpahiuDownload
5Surnames in the role of genes in the Albanian populationNaser Kamberi
Hyzer Rizani
6Performance evaluation and health developments in Vushtrri Sheik Zayed Hospital in 2012/2013 and 2019/2020Afërdita Lahu
Mimoza Bytyqi Maksutaj
Mexhit Mustafa
Ylfete Pllana
7Ratio Legis of Not Regulated the Madliyah Livelihood Execution for Wife in the Law of the Indonesian Religion JusticeEdi Marsis
Masruchin Ruba'i
Siti Hamidah
8Constitutional provisions for the integration processGloria ÇarkaxhiuDownload
9Analysis Carmel in the companies in KosovoIbrahim MalaDownload
10Perceptions, faith and conviction of the public in the Kosovo PoliceAndi Morina
Ejup Beti
11Are missing data lost data?Blerina Metanj (Subashi)Download
12Implementation of Solvency I and risk management in five Security companies in Kosovo (2016 – 2018)Ibrahim MalaDownload
13Civil and legal responsibility of legal entities in KosovoAlbatrit BytyçiDownload
14Mehdi Frashëri's contribution to the laws of the Albanian state (1914-1935)Valentina HushiDownload
15Relation between stress and depression in students during online learning in a pandemicNevzat Shemsedini
Mina Haliti
16The right to a fair trail according to Article 6 of the ECHR and Article 42 of the Albanian ConstitutionBlerina Paja
Viola Shtino


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