Ejels Vol. 4, No. 1

European Journal of Economics, Law and Social Sciences (Austria) ISSN 2519-1284

Vol. 4 No. 1 - January 2020
#About the JournalLena HoffmanDownload
1A new hope for the local development in Greece: The emergence of Social Economy Konstantinos KougiasDownload
2Defining the Right to be Forgotten and its relationship with freedom of expression Besnik Muçi
Eugerta Muçi
3Public Expenditure and Economic Growth in the Republic of Kosovo - Empirical Evidence Lumnije Thaçi
Arbnora Gërxhaliu
4Comparative aspects of testamentary freedom in legislation of Kosovo and AlbaniaMuharrem Faiku
Shanoela Zaçe
5Implications of the Authority in Determining State Financial Losses to Corruption Crimes Post Constitutional Court Ruling Number 31/PUU-X/2012Anwar Sadat
Prija Djatmika
Bambang Sugiri
6Female position on the right of Inheritance
A comparative overview between the Canon of Lekë Dukagjini and the Canon of Labëria
Alfred BallaDownload
7Lean Six Sigma for Disaster Evacuations: Case Study
Engelbert ZefajDownload
8Investing successfully in stock market? Index fund investing strategy analysis
Flamur BunjakuDownload
9The management of investment projects in Kosovo economy
Nerimane BajraktariDownload
10Analysis of the free movement of labour under Article 45 TFEU based on ECJ Decisions
Endri Papajorgji
Greta Alikaj
11Leading, management and administration as a comprehensive process
Albana Tahiri
Kledi Shegani
12Theoretical survey on defining civil liability for external contractual damage in the Republic of Kosovo, Albania and some other EU countries
Sevdai MorinaDownload
13Digital contracts, the spread of digital currency, advantages, innovation and problems stemming from them
Andrea GjokaDownload
14Political Intelligence Service
Mensur Morina
Florent Azemi
15Rules, Regulations and People Management: Critical analysis on employee promotions and relocations in the state owned companies of countries under transition process
Flamur BunjakuDownload
16Educational and linguistic activity of Sali Gjuka
Ragip Gjoshi
17Development of the Life Insurance Market in Kosovo
Blerta Haliti BarutiDownload
18Promotion of tourist offer through social networks
Sali KrasniqiDownload
19The image of Slavic neighbors in the history of Albania textbook
Etleva NitaDownload
20The relationship between Prime Minister Mehdi Frashëri and his government with the press of the time

Valentina HushiDownload
21Law Encorcement on Tax Imposed and Economic GrowthBernard NainggolanDownload


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