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Academic Journal of Business, Administration, Law and Social Sciences (Austria) E-ISSN 2410-8693 / ISSN 2410-3918

Vol. 3, No. 1 - March 2017
#About the JournalLena Hoffman
Endri Papajorgji
1Genocide as a crime against the peace and security of mankind according to the legislation of the Russian Federation and the Federal Republic of GermanyAnna Valerjevna SerebrennikovaDownload
2A lean six sigma approach to improve municipal service processesEngelbert ZefajDownload
3The tourist regions in Kosovo and the analysis of competitionBehxhet BrajshoriDownload
4The Need for Regulation of Cyber Terrorism Phenomena in Line With Principles of International Criminal LawEnver BuçajDownload
5The dynamic of poverty measurement indexes, from HDI to MPIAnila Nanaj
Rajmonda Duka
6Albanians in Albania and Italy: Neophobia and food consumption attitudes Matilda BrokajDownload
7Situation in the Albanian territories after World War INaim SeferiDownload
8European Union Criminal Law - Towards a European Criminal CodeGledina MeckaDownload
9The right to appeal under the constitution of Albania and court jurisdictionDonika Plakolli
Lirime Çukaj (Papa)
10FDI and industrial upgrade of AlbaniaAurel KorociDownload
11Technical records as material evidence in criminal proceedingsFitim ShishaniDownload
12The impact of the board of director’s composition on fi nancial performance of LLC’s in KosovoBekim Berisha
Albolena Morina
13Reorganization of water utilities - regionalization, an opportunity to increase their efficiency
A comparative literature - Albania Case
Julian NaqellariDownload
14Traffic Accidents in Kosovo – A Major Concern for Kosovo Merita MuharremiDownload
15Micro and Macro Economic Policies of Government of Kosovo toward SMEs Merita ShabaniDownload
16Micro and Macro Economic Policies of Government of Kosovo toward SMEs Brunilda DuriçiDownload
17Micro and Macro Economic Policies of Government of Kosovo toward SMEs Leonarda MyslihakaDownload
18Comparative analysis of ethical codes for state administration in the Republic of Macedonia and nearby statesMarina Malis Sazdovska
Latif Latifi
19The Protection of Fundamental Rights in the EU post Lisbon TreatyAvdylkadër MuçajDownload
20Differences and similarities between the EU and non-EU citizensIris Dhamo
Ana Dhamo
21The principle of legality in criminal law in the Republic of AlbaniaLuan HasneziriDownload
22Teaching reading comprehension strategiesMajlinda LikaDownload
23Between Public - Private Partnerships and public finance in the public infrastructure sector:
The water and sanitation sector in Albania
Fjona ZeneliDownload
24Modus operandi of migrant smugglingAleksandar Georgiev
Zlate Dimovski
Ice Ilijevski
Kire Babanoski
25A critical review of literature on-the-job training’s incidence and its effects in CompanyLorena Alikaj
Klaudja Guga
26Market problems of agricultural products in AlbaniaMerita MarkuDownload
27The free movement of citizens in the European and International rightIris Dhamo
Ana Dhamo
28The impact of curricula and lesson planning in the teaching processMajlinda LikaDownload
29Music, culture and identityIlir RamadaniDownload
30The sociological knowledge and problematic behaviors’ preventionAida SerjanajDownload
31"Wave over wave “- the man and the life, religion, philosophy and art through a comparative analysisHysni GudaDownload
32 The banking system of liquidity risk management in commercial banks in Kosovo for 2015Adnan BerishaDownload
33 Theme-period, as the basic compositional form during the first movement of Isak Shehu`s Symphony “Illyrians”Fatos LumaniDownload
34 Caesaropapism of Constantine the Great and today’s reflectionArben ArifiDownload
35 The importance of enterprise value assessment in transition economies Halil KukajDownload
36 Kosovo in the framework of international agreements 1991-1995Lulzim Nika
Bujar Dugolli
37 Risk identification as a precaution in Kosovo Energy Corporation Izet Shehu
Naim Baftiu
38 The evaluation of Foreign Direct Investments and their impact in the economics of some transition countries: the case of KosovoHalil Kukaj
Anera Alishani
39 The Costumers Orientation of Enterprises in KosovoNazmi Maksutaj
Mimoza Bytyqi - Maksutaj
40 The theory of sustainable Tourism DevelopmentAlberta Tahiri
Idriz Kovaci
41 Dibra during the League of PrizrenFatjon KicaDownload


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