Ajbals November 2019


Academic Journal of Business, Administration, Law and Social Sciences E-ISSN 2410-8693 / ISSN 2410-3918

Vol. 5 No. 3 - November 2019
#About the JournalLena Hoffman
Endri Papajorgji

1A critical Analysis of the Reprivatization process in practice and Privatization of Apartments in Macedonia – Part 2Endri Papajorgji
Greta Alikaj
2Legal protection of factual relationship: is marriage necessary to create a family?Muharem Faiku
Shanoela Berisha
3Expectations of results and values in studentsIrena AlimerkoDownload
4Assessment of IPARD pre-accession program support through IPARD-like program Elma VathiDownload
5Mobile data communication
Bill shock prevention and roaming regulation
Irena MalolliDownload
6The Supremacy of International Agreements on the Legislation in Force Hana Bahtijari Jakupi
Justina Shiroka Pula
7Modeling Informal economy in the Republic of MacedoniaDashmir AsaniDownload
8The right to family life in the context of respecting the minor’s best interest principleIva PendavinjiDownload
9Onomastics, studies and researchers (Historical overview, Mirdita)Arta MalshiDownload
10The orthodox community of Elbasan and the status of Autocephalous church issuesNereida Omeri ShqerraDownload
11Planning human resources in enterprises – organizationNerimane Bajraktari
Ali Ahmeti
12Determination of Alpha-Protein, Carcino-embryonic antigen and c-reactive protein in patients with malignant liver pathologyPetrit GecajDownload


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