The program of IIPCCL disseminates scholarly output in the field of law, business, administration social and human studies through direct publication and copublishing arrangements of books.  The aim of these publication projects is also to facilitate the access by scholars and the general public to the study of various aspects of the social sciences. The Institution publications undergo a rigorous, peer review process to ensure the quality of publications. The Center publishes a variety of works including books, monographs, translations, and more.

  • We offer the possibility to publish with IIPCCL – Austria your own monograph with ISBN. The cost for the online publishing of your monograph is 1000 Euro.
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001_book_inst Papajorgji, E. (2013). International private law, Tirana (ISBN: 9789928107886).
002_book_inst Papajorgji, E. (2012). European private law, Tirana (ISBN: 9789928107602).                        .
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Papajorgji, E. (2014). International and Albanian competition law, Tirana (ISBN: 9789928419538)